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ʰ / Ikan Kembong (Size 6-8)(sold per kg)

Sardin / ɳ (Size 6-8)(sold per kg)

Soaked Cuttlefish (Sliced) / ˮ(к) / Sotong Rendam (sold per pack)

Salmon Fillet Trim C / Ƭ (sold per kg)

RM 10.00Add to CartRM 8.00Add to CartRM 23.00Out of StockRM 62.00Out of Stock

Small Cuttlefish / Сī / Mabang Kecil (Size 40/60)(sold per pack)

Tiger Prawn / ϻϺ / Udang Harimau (Size 26-30)(sold per pack)

Bay Scallop Meat / 屴 (Size 100-150)(sold per pack)

Abalone / ſױ (Small Size)(sold per pack)

RM 8.00Add to CartRM 37.00Add to CartRM 36.00Add to CartRM 54.00Add to Cart

Tobiko (Flying Fish ROE) / (sold per pack)

Boiled Octopus / (sold per pcs)

Kintokidai Surimi (Grade SA)(sold per pack)

Argentina Squid / ͢ն / Sotong Raja (Size 200g-300g)(sold per pcs)

RM 57.00Add to CartRM 144.00Add to CartRM 230.00Out of StockRM 5.10Add to Cart

Dry Scallop / Ԫ(ɱ) (sold per pack)

Ebiko Orange (Masago)(Seasoned Capelin Roe) / (sold per pack)

Green Lobster / Ϻ / Udang Karang (Size 300g-400g)(sold per pcs)

Abalone / ſױ (Medium Size)(sold per pack)

RM 40.00Add to CartRM 29.00Out of StockRM 35.20Add to CartRM 68.00Add to Cart

White Prawn / Ϻ / Udang Putih (Size 51-60)(sold per pack)

White Prawn / Ϻ / Udang Putih (Size 41-50)(sold per pack)

White Prawn / Ϻ / Udang Putih (Size 26-30)(sold per pack)

Cooked Australia Crayfish / СϺ (sold per pack)

RM 32.00Add to CartRM 34.00Add to CartRM 47.00Add to CartRM 46.00Add to Cart

Salmon Trout Head / ͷ (sold per pack)

Sweet Corn / / Jagung Lerai (2kg)(sold per pack)

Imitation Crab Claw / зǯ (sold per pack)

Crab Claw Meat / зǯ (sold per pack)

RM 5.00Add to CartRM 16.00Add to CartRM 5.50Add to CartRM 29.00Add to Cart
49 - 72 of 192
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