Frozen / 䶳

Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber / Ƥ (sold per pack)

Jelly Fish Sliced / ˿ (sold per pack)

Vegetarian Shark Fin / ի (sold per pack)

Shark Fin (Sliced) / Ứ (sold per pack)

RM 42.30Add to CartRM 2.00Add to CartRM 13.00Add to CartRM 38.00Add to Cart

Sushi Ebi / ˾Ϻ (Size 3L)(sold per pack)

Unagi Kabayaki (Premium) / Ƭ (50p) (sold per pack)

Unagi Kabayaki / Ƭ (50p) (sold per pack)

Silver Fish / (׷)(sold per pack)

RM 19.00Add to CartRM 22.00Add to CartRM 18.00Add to CartRM 42.00Add to Cart

King Crab / 춳з 1.7kg+/-

Cooked Brown Crab / 춳з (Size 800g-1kg)(sold per pcs)

Crab Claw Meat / зǯ (sold per pack)

King Crab / з Size 1.1kg+/-

RM 234.60Add to CartRM 43.20Out of StockRM 27.00Add to CartRM 151.80Add to Cart

Chinese Pomfret / / Bawal Tambak (Size 300g-350g)(sold per pcs)

White Pomfret / ײ / Bawal Putih (Size 300g-350g)(sold per pcs)

Isi Tenggiri / (sold per pack)

Yellow Croaker / ƻ / Gelama Emas (sold per pcs)

RM 27.30Add to CartRM 23.80Out of StockRM 28.00Add to CartRM 48.00Add to Cart

Smoked Duck / ѬѼ / Itik Salai (sold per pack)

Mini Fish Burger / 㺺() / Burger Ikan Mini (sold per pack)

Fish Otak / ڴ (sold per pack)

Imitation Breaded Scallop (Kanika) / ɱ / Kebab Kekapis (sold per pack)

RM 7.70Add to CartRM 9.50Out of StockRM 7.50Add to CartRM 6.00Add to Cart

Slipper Lobster / Ϻ / Udang Kipas (Size 200g-250g)(sold per pcs)

Slipper Lobster / Ϻ / Udang Kipas (Size 80g-100g)(sold per pcs)

Green Lobster / Ϻ / Udang Karang (Size 200g-400g)(sold per pcs)

Cooked Australia Crayfish / СϺ (sold per pack)

RM 10.60Add to CartRM 3.00Add to CartRM 22.50Add to CartRM 46.00Out of Stock

Cooked White Prawn / Ϻ / Udang Masak (Size 31-40)(sold per pack)

Tiger Prawn / ϻϺ / Udang Harimau (Size 9-12)(sold per pack)

Giant Freshwater Prawn / ˮͷϺ / Udang Galah (Size U3)(sold per kg)

Sand Prawn (PTO) / βɳϺ / Udang Pasir (sold per pack)

RM 39.90Add to CartRM 48.00Add to CartRM 88.00Add to CartRM 22.00Add to Cart

Japanese Oyster (Sashimi Grade) / ձ () / Tiram (sold per pack)

Bamboo Clam / ̲ / Siput Buluh (Size 8cm-10cm)(sold per pack)

Asari Short Necked Clam / () / Lala (sold per pack)

Japanese Scallop / ձ (Size 30-40)(sold per pack)

RM 85.00Add to CartRM 13.00Add to CartRM 6.00Add to CartRM 72.00Add to Cart

Baby Octopus / С / Sotong Kurita Bayi (8pcs)(sold per pack)

Argentina Squid / ͢ն / Sotong Raja (Size 300g-400g)(sold per pcs)

Baby Squid / ն / Sotong Bayi (sold per pack)

Squid Ring / նȦ / Cincin Sotong (sold per pack)

RM 10.00Add to CartRM 7.20Add to CartRM 12.00Add to CartRM 11.00Add to Cart

Mini Herbal Chicken / ҩļ (sold per pack)

Boneless Chicken Chop (Black Pepper Flavour)

Boneless Chicken Chop (Cumin Flavour)

Boneless Chicken Chop (Lemongrass Flavour)

RM 6.50Add to CartRM 11.00Add to CartRM 11.00Add to CartRM 11.00Add to Cart

Salmon Trout / / Ikan Trout 4kg

Patin Slice / ͶƬ / Isi Patin (sold per pack)

Red Tilapia Fillet (Sashimi Grade) / ޺Ƭ ()(sold per pack)

Barramundi Slice / ĿƬ / Slice Siakap (sold per pack)

RM 232.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to Cart

Beef Slice / ţƬ (sold per pack)

Australian Meltique Beef (Striploin) / ˪ţ (sold per pack)

Australian Meltique Beef (Rib Eye) / ˪ţ (sold per pack)

RM 35.00Out of StockRM 23.80Add to CartRM 25.20Out of Stock 

Shrimp Paste / Ϻ / Petis Udang (sold per pack)

Imitation Abalone Slice / Ƭ (sold per pack)

Cooked Seafood Mix / 캣ƴ (sold per pack)

Steamboat Choice 5 in 1 (Figo) / 5 (sold per pack)

RM 9.00Add to CartRM 7.80Add to CartRM 18.00Out of StockRM 9.80Add to Cart

Yam Dessert /

Mochi Durian / 6pcs

RM 12.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to Cart  

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