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Frozen / 冷冻

Round Sea Cucumber / 圆海参 (sold per pack)

Imitation Sea Cucumber / 桂花参 (斋海参) (sold per pack)

Jelly Fish Sliced / 海蜇丝 (sold per ctn)

Tiger Tai Sea Cucumber / 虎皮参 (sold per pack)

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Sushi Ebi / 寿司虾 (Size 3L)(sold per pack)

Unagi Kabayaki / 蒲烧鳗鱼片 (50p) (sold per pack)

Teriyaki Saba Fish Fillet / 照烧鲭鱼片 (sold per pack)

Unagi Kabayaki / 蒲烧鳗鱼片 (50p) (sold per pack)

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Mochi Salted Egg Yolk / 流沙麻糬 (sold per pack)

Mochi Durian / 榴莲麻糬 (sold per pack)

Mochi Chocolate / 巧克力麻糬 (sold per pack)

Mochi Peanut / 花生麻糬 (sold per pack)

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King Crab / 帝王蟹 (Size 1.4kg-1.6kg)(sold per pcs)

Brown Crab / 面包蟹 (Size 800g-1kg)(sold per pcs)

Flower Crab (cut) / 花蟹 (切好) / Ketam Bunga (potong) (sold per pack)

Crab Claw Meat (Premium)/蟹钳肉 (sold per tin)

RM 193.20Add to CartRM 55.80Out of StockRM 11.00Add to CartRM 65.00Out of Stock

Salmon Trout / 鳟鱼 (sold per nos)

Chinese Pomfret / 斗昌 / Bawal Tambak (Size 500g-550g)(sold per pcs)

Brined Jade Perch / 盐渍宝石鲈 (sold per pack)

Brined Golden Pomfret / 盐渍金昌 (sold per pack)

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Smoked Duck / 烟熏鸭胸 (sold per pack)

Mini Fish Burger / 迷你汉堡鱼肉(鱼柳) / Burger Ikan Mini (sold per pack)

Fish Otak / 鱼肉乌达 (sold per pack)

Imitation Breaded Scallop (Kanika) / 香脆干贝丸 (sold per pack)

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Slipper Lobster (Bay Bug)/ 虾婆 / Udang Kipas (Size 200g-250g)(sold per pcs)

Slipper Lobster (Bay Bug) / 虾婆 / Udang Kipas (Size 80g-100g)(sold per pcs)

Green Lobster / 青龙虾 / Udang Karang (Size 300g-400g)(sold per pcs)

Cooked Australia Crayfish / 熟小龙虾 (sold per pack)

RM 17.00Add to CartRM 3.00Add to CartRM 28.50Add to CartRM 46.00Add to Cart

Vannamei Shrimp / 南美白虾 (Size 41-50)(sold per pack)

Cooked White Prawn / 白熟虾 / Udang Masak (Size 31-40)(sold per pack)

Tiger Prawn / 老虎虾 / Udang Harimau (Size 10-12)(sold per pack)

Giant Freshwater Prawn / 淡水大头虾 / Udang Galah (Size U3)(sold per kg)

RM 38.00Add to CartRM 48.00Add to CartRM 53.00Add to CartRM 88.00Out of Stock

Japanese Oyster (Sashimi Grade) / 日本生蚝 (刺身级) / Tiram (sold per pack)

Bamboo Clam / 竹滩 / Siput Buluh (Size 8cm-10cm)(sold per pack)

Asari Short Necked Clam / 花蛤(啦啦) / Lala (sold per pack)

Japanese Scallop / 日本带子 (Size 30-40)(sold per pack)

RM 85.00Add to CartRM 13.00Add to CartRM 6.00Add to CartRM 72.00Add to Cart

Baby Octopus / 小章鱼 / Sotong Gurita Bayi (8pcs)(sold per pack)

Argentina Squid / 阿根廷苏东 / Sotong Raja (Size 300g-400g)(sold per pcs)

Baby Squid / 苏东仔 / Sotong Bayi (sold per pack)

Squid Ring / 苏东圈 / Cincin Sotong (sold per pack)

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Catfish Slice / 巴丁鱼片 / Isi Patin (sold per pack)

Red Tilapia Fillet (Sashimi Grade) / 尼罗红鱼片 (刺身级)(sold per pack)

Salmon Steak / 三文鱼块 (sold per pack)

Pacific Red Fish Fillet / 大平洋深海红鱼肉 (sold per pack)

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Black Pepper Chicken Ball / 黑胡椒鸡肉丸 (sold per pack)

Shrimp Paste / 虾滑 (sold per pack)

Imitation Abalone Slice / 贵妃鲍片 (sold per pack)

Mini Herbal Chicken / 迷你药材鸡 (sold per pack)

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