Japanese Cuisine / 日式料理

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Sushi Ebi / 寿司虾 (Size 3L)(sold per pack)

Unagi Kabayaki / 蒲烧鳗鱼片 (50p) (sold per pack)

Chuka Idako (Seasoned Octopus) / 腌制小章鱼 (sold per pack)

Octopus Ball (Takoyaki) / 章鱼烧 (sold per pack)

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Chuka Hotate / 腌制带子边 (sold per pack)

Dry Wakame Seaweed / 干海藻 (sold per pack)

Chuka Kurage / 腌制海蜇丝 (sold per pack)

Breaded Shrimp (Kanika) / 面包虾 (sold per pack)

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Mentaiko Tube / 明太子 (sold per pack)

Ni Tako (Boiled Octopus) / 熟章鱼 (sold per kg)

Naruto Maki / 鸣门卷(日本鱼板)(sold per pack)

Shime Saba (Sashimi Grade) / 醋渍鲭鱼片 (刺身级)(sold per pack)

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Tamagoyaki / 厚烧玉子烧 (sold per pack)

Inari / 稻荷袋 (80p)(sold per pack)

Crawfish Salad / 龙虾风味沙拉 (sold per pack)

Calamari Salad With Abalone Flavor / 鲍鱼风味沙拉 (sold per pack)

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Tuna Maguro Saku AAAA (Sashimi Grade) / 鲔鱼片 (刺身级)(sold per pack)

Shrimp Ebi Fry / 面包虾 (sold per pack)

Wakame Seaweed Salad / 海藻沙拉 (sold per pack)

Shimeji Mushroom in Chili Oil / 红油双菇 (sold per pack)

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Hijiki Salad with Edamame / 羊栖菜毛豆煮 (sold per pack)

Roasted Mackerel Fillet (Teriyaki) / 照烧鲭鱼片 (sold per pack)

Nobashi Ebi / 天妇罗虾 (Size 31/40)(sold per pack)

Wakame Seaweed Salad / 海藻沙拉 (sold per pack)

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