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Salmon Trout / / Ikan Trout (sold per nos)

Sushi Ebi / ˾Ϻ (Size 3L)(sold per pack)

King Crab / 춳з (Size 1.6kg-1.8kg)(sold per pcs)

Shrimp Paste / Ϻ / Petis Udang (sold per pack)

RM 232.00Add to CartRM 19.00Add to CartRM 217.60Add to CartRM 9.00Add to Cart

Baby Octopus / С / Sotong Kurita Bayi (8pcs)(sold per pack)

Argentina Squid / ͢ն / Sotong Raja (Size 300g-400g)(sold per pcs)

Cooked White Prawn / Ϻ / Udang Masak (Size 31-40)(sold per pack)

Slipper Lobster / Ϻ / Udang Kipas (Size 200g-250g)(sold per pcs)

RM 10.00Add to CartRM 7.20Add to CartRM 39.90Add to CartRM 10.60Add to Cart

Tiger Prawn / ϻϺ / Udang Harimau (Size 9-12)(sold per pack)

Smoked Duck / ѬѼ / Itik Salai (sold per pack)

Giant Freshwater Prawn / ˮͷϺ / Udang Galah (Size U3)(sold per kg)

Unagi Kabayaki / Ƭ (50p) (sold per pack)

RM 48.00Add to CartRM 6.38Out of StockRM 88.00Add to CartRM 22.00Out of Stock

Mini Fish Burger / 㺺() / Burger Ikan Mini (sold per pack)

Imitation Abalone Slice / Ƭ (sold per pack)

Japanese Oyster (Sashimi Grade) / ձ () / Tiram (sold per pack)

Patin Slice / ͶƬ / Isi Patin (sold per pack)

RM 9.50Add to CartRM 6.80Add to CartRM 85.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to Cart

Chinese Pomfret / / Bawal Tambak (Size 300g-350g)(sold per pcs)

Baby Squid / ն / Sotong Bayi (sold per pack)

Imitation Sea Cucumber / 𻨲 (ի) (sold per pack)

Fish Otak / ڴ (sold per pack)

RM 27.30Out of StockRM 12.00Out of StockRM 16.00Out of StockRM 7.00Add to Cart

Mini Herbal Chicken / ҩļ (sold per pack)

Imitation Breaded Scallop (Kanika) / ɱ / Kebab Kekapis (sold per pack)

Squid Ring / նȦ / Cincin Sotong (sold per pack)

Slipper Lobster / Ϻ / Udang Kipas (Size 80g-100g)(sold per pcs)

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1 - 24 of 235
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